Cialis (Tadalafil)
Cialis is a new treatment for erectile dysfunctions approved by the FDA at the end of 2003. It belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitors a class of vasoactive drugs which help impotent men have a normal intercourse by increasing the blood flow into their penis and allowing them to have an erection. This cannot be attained right away as after administration it takes at least half hour for the drug to be absorbed into the blood. Furthermore Cialis is not working without a proper sexual stimulation so just expecting the pill to do the job on its own won’t do. Like in any other treatment drinking alcohol when taking the drug is not highly recommended. Nevertheless if one thinks that he needs no more than one or two drinks to get in the mood then taking Cialis can’t be considered a problem, more alcohol will only lead to unwanted results.

The Cialis effect has been proven to last up to 36 hours after administration thus gaining the nickname of the “weekend pill”. This means that a man will be able to happily finish as many sexual acts as he can in the amount of time proven in testing. So Cialis’s long lasting effect shouldn’t by all means be mistaken by priapism which is the medical term for a persistent erection. If men come across such a symptom after taking the pill and having sex they need to address a doctor right away as serious complications might occur otherwise.

The daily recommended dosage of Cialis is 10 milligram and can be taken before or after any meal. If during foreplay no reaction appears the dosage can be increased up to a maximum of 20 milligrams. Daily usage is allowed but it should be consulted with a physician as it depends a lot on one’s body response to medicine and prior medical conditions. Just looking for these information over the internet on reading about then in newspapers is not enough as each men is unique and only a thorough analysis can determine the precise quantity of drug that best suits one’s need.

As contraindications men should know that Cialis can’t be taken along with any form of organic nitrate as it can lead to a serious drop in blood pressure. Another important thing to consider is the interdiction of combining Cialis with other treatments for erectile dysfunction. Although such tests have not yet been conducted as a precaution is best to deal with one treatment at a time.

All in all Cialis remains one of men’s best options when it comes to dealing with erectile dysfunction problems. This is because it not only allows them to have a normal and happy sex life but it also takes a load of their shoulders by giving them the chance to properly satisfy their partners. Furthermore thanks to the pill’s proven capacity of having an effect up to 36 hours after administration Cialis is considered to be the perfect solution for a romantic getaway.